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Hello! My name is Amy Yarbrough. Welcome to my blog, A Bold and Daring Spirit. Since you are here I assume you want to know a little about me. I was born in the south with enough western blood to iron out (most of) the southern accent, but not all of the local lingo. My family is large (my bragging rights) and I enjoyed a homeschool education which gave me a lasting love for learning and especially for creative writing.

I originally labeled myself a crochet and craft blogger with the hopes that I was well on my way to reaching the upper quadrants of the crochet blogging world. I was working incredibly hard and it was a great opportunity, one I knew God had blessed me with. And yet a big part of me still longed to focus more on Christian blogging than I was currently doing. For years I prayed for God to show me how I could both be a full-time crochet blogger (because that’s what it required) and Christian topic blogger. I did combine the two quite successfully but the strain was great and I wasn’t convinced I was doing the best I could with Christian blogging.

God finally answered my prayer, in an unexpected way, and here I am starting anew as a bona fide Christian blogger. If you want to read my full story then check out my post, From Business Blogger to Christian Blogger — My Story.

I have to tell you, after years of struggling to find my niche amongst a dozen interests, being divided when I did find it between two equally time-consuming passions, it feels so good to be able to say that I am a Christian blogger. But I have to add, I have not quit crocheting and I still have a profitable online business called Ginger Peachy Store. I don’t know as yet how it will all come together but I’m praying that God will show me what He wants me to do with my talents there and how I can multiply that gift as well.

Why A Bold and Daring Spirit?

When God shut down my crochet and craft blog I made a list of all that I would do differently if I had a second chance. As I said, I longed to devote my time to Christian writing, so I knew if God did intend for me to start again I would have to start fresh with no lingering distractions of my business. That meant new name, new purpose, new everything. (Which was kind of sad at first because I really loved the logo my sister had designed for me. But as I said, I still hope to use them).

To keep me on track I knew the new name had to be the pillar of my redefined purpose. However, I had no idea what it should be. When I finally felt God telling me to go for it I began looking for name ideas. I’d have one and write it down, ponder it for a while and then find another I liked better. I was really happy with the theme “being a tool in God’s hands” but I couldn’t find a way to word it to my satisfaction. Then my brother read me a passage from Matthew Henry’s commentary where he describes the apostle Paul as a “bold and daring spirit.”

Paul has always been a tremendous hero of mine. His commitment to God’s service is so incredibly inspiring that I long to have the same spirit.

It was the key I was looking for. My passion, my goal with this ministry and this new purpose was to prod myself toward a bold and daring spirit like Paul’s, and to be a tool in God’s hands to help others achieve it as well.

Please join me as I learn what God has for me and endeavor to become a faithful steward of the gifts He has given me.

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