My Expectations for 2020 and the Need to Remain Flexible

Do you ever give yourself a motto or theme for the year? I don’t as a rule but sometimes a word or phrase just really seems to define my hopes for the year ahead.

For me this year it is, “Be Intentional!”

I find it incredibly motivating, creating a drive in me to try a little harder to achieve, to put more effort into things I want to improve or change. It’s a piece of advice that naturally plugs into every area of my life – business, writing, relationships, scheduling, etc.

Thus in an effort to be intentional and pursue a more efficient life, I’ve made some “flexible” goals I would like to pursue this year.

Goals for Ginger Peachy Store

1. Start a website with a blog for sharing free patterns again

If you’ve been with me for very long you’ll most likely have heard me talk about my blogging history. You can read the full story here, but in short, I ran a blog for many years and over a period, personally strove to develope it into a self-hosted website for my business. I enjoyed sharing and talking about my crochet patterns and other craft tutorials, as well as random other topics. However, I had to let it go due to sudden financial constraints in October 2018. Since then I have started this blog and enjoyed the ability to focus solely on spiritual topics. But I have to admit, I still miss being able to share my creative adventures with everyone.

Of all the ways I could expand my business, I feel pretty sure that this is the best “next step” for me. The only holdup is I still can’t afford it. So what I am doing is putting it in God’s hands. I’ve told Him that if this is what He wants me to do I will trust Him to provide the means, in His time.

2. Start a local crochet community

I’ve crocheted alone for most of my crocheting life and in recent years I’ve realized how fun and refreshing it would be to simply talk and share ideas and opinions with other crocheters. The truth of it is, as a crocheter professionally, the passion I have for creating can at times become mere numbers and business statistics. We all need encouraged and rejuvenated at times. I can’t help recalling the proverb, “As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend,” (Proverbs 27:17 NLT). However, it all depends on whether the idea appeals to others, so we’ll see.

Goals for A Bold and Daring Spirit

1. Design makeover

When I started this blog I naturally found myself more restricted with the free version of than the free reign I was used to with my self-hosted site, so some of my ideas for this blogs design were hampered and I quickly lost motivation. I’m sorry to say I let it go at the time but I’m getting some ideas for small improvements that might help it stand out a little more. I love a chance to get artsy, don’t you?

2. Consistent blogging

And here I’m putting my motto, “Be Intentional,” to work. I’ve rearranged my schedule somewhat to fit in more writing (finally!), SO – Lord willing – I hope to be able to post more frequently than I have been. One thing I’ve learned, you may have a passion for writing, but you can’t expect to pick it up after a period of disuse and make it sound good. It’s something that needs steady use and practice.

Why the Need for Flexible?

I’ve gone from a driven person with a daily full schedule, and definite plans to achieve, to a person who occasionally has to spend days accomplishing practically nothing at all. It’s a health issue, I’m afraid, and it’s taken me years to come to a better perspective. For a long time I would respond in frustration as my plans for the day, and sometimes following days, would be brought to an abrupt halt. I couldn’t stand sitting around with so much to do. How would I get anywhere in life if I didn’t work hard and steady?

But the Lord has gradually made me realize that the outcome of my circumstances are not in my hands, that I can kick and scream and rebel as much as I want and it won’t change anything. It’s a constant reminder that my life – the very hours of my day – are in His hands. I must rest in Him.

Of course, I can say I have learned the lesson, but I still have to relearn it often as I struggle with my expectations for a full and prosperous life and God’s will for me. Sometimes there is just no explanation, He just says no to my plans. And that’s hard. And confusing. But He knows best and I’d rather trust Him to be working things out according to His will then pounding at it myself in constant frustration and turmoil.

So that’s a little part of me, my expectations and my need to remain flexible in my plans. What are some of your goals for this year? How do you handle disturbances in your plans?

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